2024 New 10th original album !

I am currently writing and recording for a 2024 release of my 10th solo original album.

I am, as of now, half way there with 5 songs in the bag already, with a view of completing 10 tracks for the album. 2024 will see the accumulation of 27 years of music adventure, learning and formulation. This will be the 10th and very special original production. Both lyrically and musically. As with each album I produce, I improve and mature musically.

I have chosen an album title, namely ‘APOPHENIA’ an apt title to describe what is known in psychology as someone who see's links and connections in everything they see and hear, albeit a random type of schizophrenia. The album songs I have produced so far, have a fantastic feel to them and I am personally feeling great vibes and emotions upon listening back to them. Honest lyrics and stories. Lots of guitars (wall of sound) piano and harmonies. Great drums and atmospherics, all building into a professionally sounding original album of highs and lows. 

Nothing gets recorded in my writing and production process unless it worthy. That is to say, if it doesn't feel authentic, emotional and if it doesn't stand up to scrutiny and repeated listening (when I've had a few glasses of wine or rum of an evening) then it goes in the bin. Only the best of my best makes it onto the album. 

More news to come, as I get nearer to the new albums completion,




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