On the BBC.. 

First air of my song 'Alien' will be aired on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire, this will be on 30th September 2017 show starts at 8pm. Tune in ! 


This is the release date for the new 13 track rock album 'Project Zero' there will be a download version with artwork and songs here on my site, a link to buy the physical limited edition Digipak CD (only 100 made) also. all purchases are made via paypal so safe and secure.

PZ Release date TBA 

Official release date for the new self produced, '13' track, Digipak CD album 'Project Zero' TBA this week ! :) :) 

PZ about to land ! 

Whoa, the masters are done and sent, the artwork is drawn and sent. I just got poorer and someone just got richer, that's o.k because i got new songs for the stage. A new 'limited edition' CD Digi rock album called 'Project Zero' soon to land. Look out for the release date in the coming weeks ahead. Not long to wait now.

Animated lyric video for song ' Monsters' now posted. 

Animated lyric video for song ' Monsters' now posted and can be viewed both here or over at youtube. Features some ghostly tree's and dark lyrics. Coming from the forthcoming album ' Project Zero'

2016 and counting  

All thoughts are on what to release in the new album for 2016. I have a couple of live tracks i'd like to include but i may add to that with gigs coming up this year, depends. Meantime, i'm formulating ideas and jamming. I'm 3 to 4 songs into production and of course the song 'Monsters'  is on it. Could go in any direction right now but i would like to keep it as 'live' as possible so that i may replicate on stage in the near future, at the same time still utilizing the plethora of loop and sampling tech…Read more

DLT Recorded live @ The Crew, UK  

seasons greetings :) I played a live set at The Crew, Nuneaton, UK on 13th December 2015. I have posted the recording i obtained from the session up on the player and this can be downloaded free, i really enjoyed it, take a listen.