Album 'Superhero' Third single release. 

As promised, every 23rd day in the month a new single will be released from the new album 'Superhero' coming 23.02.23. On the 23rd December 2022 another song will released both here and on my other sites too. This will include a film video and lyric video. This will be the third song released from the new album with the full album released in February 2023.

New single release. 

Big announcement ! Brand new song 'Superhero' Written, Produced and Performed by Damion Lee Taylor will be released tomorrow 23rd November 2022. At 12pm GMT ! Both film video and lyric video at the same time ! First song to be released from the new forthcoming 7th album of the same name coming 23.02.23. Song will be available to stream and download from my official site plus YouTube, Facebook and more.

2023 7th Album release confirmed. 

Get ready for my new album in 2023, it is already half way there and sounds amazing. Been learning and realising a lot on this journey and it tells on the new forthcoming 7th album. Best ever ! Epic, Grand, Haunting, A ground shaker ! 

"The overall theme and lyrical feel for my 7th original, Written, Produced and Performed album release is as such. "You. Me. Magic. Heaven. Hell. God and the Devil. Angels and Demons. Love. Miguel de Unamuno. Chesterton. Spinoza. Life. Death. Spy craft. Haiti. Sufferance. Stand firm. Fight. Revolution. Protest. Sex. Time. Freedom. Dreams. Nightmares. The Moon and wild animals. Addiction. Passion. Kung-Fu. Shadows and Light. Radio. Wild horses. Invitation" These are not song titles but flavours of the whole album in general. There is no corruption, no magic tricks, little to no financial gain and no compromise in my music, merely a legacy, for after the time I have been given. I stand alone my friends. The real album title will be announced around Christmas. A proper 'A class' perfected radio ready retro rock and roll project. An extravaganza ! Seven in the bank but locked in the vault until release, I'm almost there. Aiming for 12 tracks when completed ! 23/02/23 Rock on"