New 9th self produced original album 'Welcome To The Asylum' Written, Produced and Performed by DLT 


I am from the west midlands in the UK. I make and perform a wide genre of original music & covers, producing & performing since 1997. I have been in a couple of bands and played a few low key gigs and also had a few songs played on local radio stations. I like to listen to a wide variety music. I write, record and perform music in my spare time, I am currently unsigned & looking for management. promotion and any support to grow my talent and to get my music heard.

I have appeared live on radio stations BBC WM,BBC LEICESTER and RUGBY FM, in both February, March & August 2014 and also March 2015 my songs 'Mistakes' 'Got me so low'  'Tonight' and 'I really like it here' and on 27th September 2016, my new album title song 'Project Zero' was chosen & played on BBC Introducing radio show 'BBC Coventry & Warwickshire'. I've also won 1st place in a global competition to produce a web based theme song for 'Hooked in 60 seconds' and Mercedes-Benz picked my song 'We all cry' for their CD compilation 'Mixed Tape Cherry Chimes. 

I can play a live set on stage either solo or in a band, I prefer being in a band as my music is written to be epic and dramatic as possible. I can hold my own solo too, I have and continue to play acoustic sets and I enjoy this also. 

I need a recording deal/publishing deal, promotion, collaboration and to work with other artists, bands and any other music related projects that can broaden the music I produce. Radio airplay, interviews and gigs, I have a wealth of material, I am constantly writing and recording.

All songs on this profile including Production, Recording, Vocals, Live Instruments, Sampling and arrangements by artist 'Damion Lee Taylor' (except covers, These are produced and performed by Damion Lee Taylor) 

Donations welcome.

As an unsigned musician I need all the help I can get, please donate if you can. Many thanks, D L Taylor.

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