2016 and counting 

All thoughts are on what to release in the new album for 2016. I have a couple of live tracks i'd like to include but i may add to that with gigs coming up this year, depends. Meantime, i'm formulating ideas and jamming. I'm 3 to 4 songs into production and of course the song 'Monsters'  is on it. Could go in any direction right now but i would like to keep it as 'live' as possible so that i may replicate on stage in the near future, at the same time still utilizing the plethora of loop and sampling tech plus lots more acoustic and piano alongside electric guitars and bass. I want a powerful album with lots of distortion, melody, beats (live and digital) and great key changes and i suppose in keeping with tradition, a little rough around the edges, certainly filled with some memorable hooks and gritty attitude. In other words, Rock & Roll. I'm also in the mind to create some artistic footage/film to go with a song or to so i will be experimenting with that at the same time, all this with not enough time too. Keep posted. 'Project Zero'  the album, is coming soon.

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